Thursday, 19 August 2010

I Have Moved!

Please update your boomarks! I know its been forever since I posted :D But my new home can be found here:

Saturday, 12 June 2010

SL Themes on Flickr.

I have joined a new and VERY fab group on Flickr;  SL THEMES.
There will be a rotating theme that people need to submit a picture for. Its for fun and just because we all love looking at pretty pictures ;)

This weeks theme is; Gown.

I managed to pick up this gorgeous dress by joining the group at PurpleMoon Creations and getting it as a gift to celebrate their anniversary. Just make sure you are wearing your group tag when you hit the vendor.

So here is my offering ;)

SL Themes

Hair: (Posh) - Rumor ; Platinum
Skin: [LeLutka] - LOLA Pale - makeup4
Dress:  PurpleMoon Creations *  -  Josephine in Purple - Anniversary Group Gift
Pose: Long Awkward Pose

Friday, 11 June 2010

Look Of The Day

Today is Friday! Yay! And at last the world cup is finally starting! The build up has been immense but I for one am so excited for it to all start and now we are only HOURS away!

Come on ENGLAND! :D

The other good thing about Friday is of course Fifty Linden Friday! So I dutifully logged in to tour the latest list! I think I found only 5 shops at the most with their item out  Bah! I don't see why I should suffer more lag and rez time checking throughout the day to see if stores have finally put their items out yet! I always make sure I go after 12am SLT but that does not seem to matter :( Woe is me :(

It really puts me off supporting what is otherwise a fantastic group :(

Anyway on to other things! In the absence of being able to put together an outfit from Fifty Linden Friday as erm...nothing much was out :D I was in the mood to blog so I put a very simple look together. I am really loving Clawtooth's new hair at the moment :) Its really lush looking in world :)

Look Of The Day - June 11th

Hair: Clawtooth - Twinkle Toast - Snow
Skin: .:Ashen:. -Enchantment - Sea Spray - Light Pale
Dress:  Tiny Bird - St Augustine Dress - Champagne
Shoes: MielAnt Flats - Oxford

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Look Of The Day

A nice, simple and feeling fresh look today!

Hair: Fri.Day - Tatum.2 - Happy Blond - SALE ON RIGHT NOW!
Skin: &Bean - Hounds of love KATT light
Top:  Lark - Prarie Blouse - From the Strawberry Fair  FREE!
Jeans:  Zaara - Jeans {classic} *blue*  - SALE ON RIGHT NOW!
Shoes: ::Duh!::  - Strawberry Festival Spring Flats - Ink (Black) - Only 25L$

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Steaming Mad For Steam Punk!

I have spent the longest time looking for a headband that was a little bit different. I could not find anything that ticked all the boxes for me :(

So I made something!

I love steam punk stuff and this is my first venture into that side of life!

This is a hadband with different types of cogs / gears attached to it. The dial on the pressure gauge actually FLICKERS! So cute :)

I have put it up on XStreet  :) It is Mod, Copy, No Transfer. There are no scripts used, no resizer scripts, so you have FULL control over getting the perfect fit ;) No scripts are used in the flickering gauge either, so no upcoming script limits to worry about!

The gorgeous hair I am wearing is from Clawtooth and it is called: Twinkle Toast - Peeled Carrots.
I usually find Clawtooth hair does not suit me because of the skins I tend to wear, but this style I am in LOVE, LOVE with!

The top is from Zaara called: Mitali top *olive*
If you didn't know, Zaara is having a SALE right now! Hurry, hurry ;)

Steam Punk Headband is on Xstreet HERE

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

/ Rant On...

I just want to say;


Phew, I thought shouting that out would make me feel better but nope! My heart sinks if I accidentally buy something with a resizer script in. There are many reasons why its OKAY to hate these blighter's of my Second Life. Script limits are coming into play soon, If you are walking around with a gazillion scripts because you cannot delete them...well good luck with that ;) But to top it all, it won't even be your fault!

When I first started out in Second Life ( on a different avie ) I look back now and laugh at how my skirt belts must of looked, my bangles and how my hair must of looked all kinds of freaky because it was over time that I learnt how to use the tools available to me to edit things to fit me.I am though so glad that I had the chance to HAVE TO LEARN to edit things to suit me. It meant I could fix skirts to fit me and not my shape to fit the skirt. I started becoming an individual. I never realised for quite some time that I could make a copy of a copy/mod item before I started working on it to fit me. It was not until I brought something that had a notecard in explaining how to do just that. Yay! Merchants educate your customers :)

I understand the paranoia in Second Life by selling things that have mod rights on them but think about it...most things I see resized with scripts look completely wacky and out of shape! Honestly, inspect closely, its easy to see who has tried to work with limited tools to make an item they paid for fit them!  Do you want that look to be the first impression of your store when that avie runs over the grid in your item?  I have tried so hard in the past to get a gorgeous pair of boots to look okay with the stupid resizer scripts because I loved the boots. Lets just say, those boots will now never see the light of day again, its just impossible to get so many intricate parts to fit properly with a +1 or -1 button! Maybe I am just lousy at using resizer scripts..I don't know but seriously is it to much to ask as a customer to be able to fit things with ease to fit me?!

If I accidentally buy something with a resizer script in and the item does not fit out of the box meaning I am then reduced to having to press buttons on the stupid drop down blue box to try and fit a buckle etc, then that item gets trashed and I make a mental note not to shop at your store again.

/Rant off


Monday, 31 May 2010

Look Of The Day

I was meaning to blog this outfit on Friday but got happily distracted ;) So instead here we are! I love working on pictures in PS so it feels a nice thing to do on a Monday! Bah Mondays!

This cute outfit I picked up as part of Fifty Linden Friday. There has been some really nice stuff being put out again. I tend to read Penned Down as its a very honest blog and I can see for myself what places to head to rather then fighting lag at the stores on a Fifty Linden Friday only to find I don't like what is on offer. Worth a read :)

The pumps I LOVE...They are a group gift from S@BBiA. The group is free to join and she has other very cute group only gifts :)

Hair:  Maitreya - Apple - Natural Blond
Skin: &Bean - Hounds of love KATT light
Outfit:  (5th&Oxford)  - 50L Seaside Sweetie Shorts and Striped Halter
Shoes:  S@BBiA - Flower Pumps: Black ( Group Gift)